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Coating Capabilities

Graffiti-resistant Coating Systems

Steelscape provides a graffiti-resistant coating system which is an affordable solution for combating graffiti on metal siding and metal interior surfaces.

This innovative metal coating system is offered as a factory-applied coating system specifically formulated to work with PPG Industries’ DuraPrep® Prep 400 graffiti remover and includes a primer, a color coat, and a graffiti-resistant clear coat. The clear coat works as a barrier of protection over the color coat layer and prevents most graffiti material from gripping or shadowing the surface.

The graffiti removal system offers building owners an easy-to-use, fully tested process to safely remove graffiti, and keep buildings looking their best. Apply DuraPrep Prep 400 directly to the surface and wipe away the graffiti.

Watch the video demonstration of the graffiti-resistant metal coating to see this process in action by clicking the video below or by visiting our YouTube Channel.

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