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Coating Capabilities


TruZinc® galvanized steel manufactured by Steelscape, provides a metallic coating of zinc over a steel base to provide trusted corrosion protection. The result is a versatile building product with exceptional durability. Our industry-leading zinc coating process creates a beautiful surface finish and a superior quality product.

Steelscape’s TruZinc® is the dependable substrate for a variety of building products from metal roofing and siding to metal buildings. TruZinc is designed for a wide variety of other uses, including everything from HVAC ducting to lightweight framing and decking.

Steelscape deploys leading coating technologies to offer unparalleled painting capabilities. This means that Steelscape can offer a wide range of painted TruZinc product options including an endless range of colors and textures and paint enhancement options.

Contact Steelscape today to find out how Steelscape’s broad TruZinc manufacturing and painting capabilities can deliver a superior base for your next project.

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