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Coated metal is renowned as a superior material of choice for both residential and commercial roofing applications.  Delivering long-lasting value, outstanding product performance and unparalleled curb appeal, it’s no wonder that metal is one of the fastest growing roofing materials in the US.

Steelscape is a longstanding supplier-of-choice for a number of leading metal roofing manufacturers.  Steelscape’s breadth of contemporary design solutions, supported by a range of paint and finish options, guarantee that Steelscape has a solution for every roofing application. Ongoing product innovation ensures that Steelscape roofs are not only beautiful, but energy efficient and environmentally responsible. Combine this with dependable quality and robust product warranties and the Steelscape advantage is clear.

Unlike other material types, steel roofing is designed to last a lifetime.  Let Steelscape help inspire the creation of your timeless, enduring, metal roof.  Whether it is our online product visualizer, in-depth resource library or physical samples shipped direct to your door, Steelscape is your metal roofing design partner, every step of the way.

Unlike other material types, steel roofing is designed to last a lifetime.

Project Gallery

Gain inspiration from other stunning projects using Steelscape’s innovative design and color solutions.

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Nothing captures the depth of color and engaging appeal of physical samples, request yours today!

Resource Center

All the resources you need to start designing in metal. Includes specification guides, green building, regulatory information, and more.

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