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Meet The Steelscape Team,
The Best In The Metals Industry

At Steelscape, our people are our strength, and our customers are our partners. This statement reflects both a clear point of differentiation and a commitment to our customers and employees.  Our team is the best in the industry. This is evident in our unmatched experience, innovative attitude, relentless commitment to quality, and customer-centric focus. Sustained customer partnerships form the cornerstone of our success and the basis of our customer service ethos. We reinforce the commitment to our employees through the provision of a fulfilling, empowering, and most importantly, safe working environment in which we have proudly received the coveted National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) Safety Award 8 times. 

Our President 

Sarah Deukmejian

Sarah has been with the organization for over 20 years, having risen through the ranks and taken on numerous roles domestically within Steelscape and globally with our parent company, BlueScope. Her industry knowledge and leadership set the tone for our sustained drive for excellence and our commitment to creating a long-lasting bond with customers, fellow employees, and the communities in which we operate. 

Our Vice President of Sales and Customer Service

Scott Cooley 

Scott has been in the Steel Industry for over 25 years in many customer-focused roles.  He has been with Steelscape since 2002 and has led Steelscape’s Sales & Customer Service Team since 2008.  Scott has always looked at the role of Sales to be problem-solvers for our customers and colleagues and has helped build a customer-focused culture at Steelscape. 

Our Sales Managers 

Marc Fullem 

Marc is a 30-year veteran of the industry, having held various roles in the Supply Chain, Operations, and Sales.  Marc joined Steelscape in 2005 and is currently the Sales Manager of the Eastern US.  Marc is passionate about expanding the application of pre-painted metal in modern building design and is active in the Metal Roofing Alliance and is currently the Vice President of the National Coil Coating Association. 

Mary Wardle 

Mary is a second-generation steel expert and has worked in the industry since 1982. Mary’s career has taken her from purchasing to global steel trading, to her current position as Sales Manager of the Western Division. Mary proudly contributes to the continued growth and development of the industry through her various industry leadership roles, including as Executive Vice President of the Association of Women in Metal Industries (AWMI). 

Our Customer Service Team Leader  

Andrea Wernex-Dennis 

Andrea has proudly worked at Steelscape for 26 years in a variety of roles, including in Business Systems, Accounting, and Sales. Andrea enjoys being able to contribute the extensive knowledge she has gained over the years to improve the service provided to our customers.  Andrea leads Steelscape’s dedicated customer service team by example through her responsiveness, commitment, and passion for excellence. 

Our Plant Managers

Norman Ross 

Norman has been in the coated steel manufacturing business since the startup of the Kalama coating facility in 1996.  In this time he has filled several roles at the Kalama and Rancho sites as well as international assignments in other Bluescope facilities. He is currently the Kalama plant manager.  Norman focusses on building a strong safety culture as well as producing high quality products for our customers.

David Gutierrez

David is another coated steel expert with close to two decades of experience at Steelscape. During his tenure, David has supported the business in several areas of leadership including, Area Manager of the Metallic Coating Line, Paint Line, and Product Distribution. David has been instrumental in the automation and efficiency improvements implemented at our Rancho facility and brings a focus on continuous improvement and safety to the role.

OuTechnical Leader 

Michelle Vondran Technical Services Manager for Steelscape

Michelle Vondran 

Michelle is Steelscape’s Technical Manager with broad experience in paint development and application. Having helped introduce energy-saving cool pigment technology and through her technical leadership in industry associations, Michelle ensures Steelscape is at the forefront of coil coating. Today, Michelle is an active member of the National Coil Coaters Association, the Zinc Aluminum Coaters Association, and has played an active role in both the Cool Roof Rating Council and Energy Star Roofing Program.

Our Architectural Specialist 

Shelby Courtney 

Shelby has worked at Steelscape for over 15 years and developed a comprehensive understanding of Steelscape’s products, processes, and people. Each day, Shelby works with architects, homeowners, and customers to address product inquiries and find solutions with genuine Steelscape steel. In these interactions, Shelby’s vast knowledge, industry contacts, and energetic attitude clearly articulate the Steelscape difference. 

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