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Vivid, Clean, Memorable.

Designing in Central California?

Metal is an outstanding material for exterior roofs and walls. It provides an engaging surface, it withstands the effects of extreme environments and is available in an endless array of colors and finishes.

Compared to other building products, metal offers the opportunity to produce bright, vivid colors. Metal also offers the flexibility to readily combine bright, contrasting hues without significantly impacting construction complexity.

Bright colors are typically made of organic pigments which fade faster compared to duller colors. Choose a PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) paint system with an optional clear coat to make bright colors last longer. PVDF paint systems offer superior fade resistance and the clear coat adds an extra layer of UV protection.

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Steelscape is not a roofing company, but will identify a roof or wall product manufacturer in your area who uses genuine Steelscape steel. 

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A Metal Roof With Genuine Steelscape Steel? One and Done.

We produce the painted steel that is used for metal roof and wall products.

Metal is a superior roof and wall product – it offers broad color options, peace of mind and exceptional longevity.

About Steelscape – Steelscape produces innovative steel that is supplied to metal roof and wall product manufacturers.

Want more information? Request a sample or talk to us directly.

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