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At Steelscape we understand how competitive the construction business is and the importance of demonstrating value to customers. We also understand the important role the pro plays as both the trusted advisor and solution developer. In our Pro Center, we have several tools and resources designed to expand your role as a trusted advisor, to promote your business, and to streamline the metal acquisition journey. These tools are updated regularly so explore the useful tools Steelscape offers below.

Inspire your Customers. Provide relevant color advice to your prospective clients with our color trend overview and color guide.

Demonstrate the Value of Metal. Is a homeowner uncertain about a metal roof? Provide our Metal Roof Buyer’s Guide.

Personalize and Add your Logo.  Improve your personalized approach with a co-branded or custom variants of the design guides.  Submit a request with your needs and company logo files. Marketing Request   Co-branded Sample

Project Inspiration. Provide inspiration with the digital flipbook of metal case studies. Case Studies

Have photos of your own? Let us create a case study for you. Marketing Request

Detailed Product Sheets. Provide detailed Steelscape product sheets. Printed versions available by request.

Visualize to Add Value. Did you know the Steelscape visualizer allows users to visualize metal on a photo of their own for free? Add value by visualizing a metal roof on a potential client’s home. Check out the visualizer and watch the how to video here. Need further help – ask for a Steelscape personal training.

Improve your Website or Blog. Want to improve the quality of your website, blog, or social feed? Use some of our pre-developed content to help educate your customers and establish you as a leader in the industry. Updated regularly, this document includes a series of blog posts designed to educate homeowners on a series of different metal topics. Download here.   Need content or help with a particular topic?    Let us know we have extensive resources and experience in the metal industry.

Marketing Partnership Program. Need additional marketing support? Steelscape can create custom content, rebrand existing content, assist in the writing of informative news pieces or develop digital banners, ads and more. Complete our Marketing Partnership Program application.

Top Tech Tips. Metal installation tips, technical bulletins and manuals. Pre-Painted Metal Toolkits

Answer the Common Questions. See our Frequently Asked Questions.

Answer the Hard Questions. Regulatory, warranty and sustainability letters and support document. Document Library

Get the Spec. Bid support technical documents. Download guide specifications

Please note that Steelscape is not affiliated with these sites. 

Color and Design Resources 

  • PPG Color Trends 2020/21– A 36 page, comprehensive E book on the latest in color trends published by paint giant, PPG. 
  • Metal Architecture – A publication devoted to the use of metal in modern architecture. Includes a range of articles from technical and installer tips, to project spotlights.
  • Houzz –A great way to promote project photos and your business. An important tool for homeowners to obtain inspiration, design tips, and more.

Industry Resources 

  • American Galvanizer Association –The industry body for manufacturers of galvanized products. Provides technical advice and information on working with galvanized metal.
  • Coil Coating Association – The industry body for manufacturers of the pre-painted used in metal roofs. Provides an overview of several technical topics including quality management.
  • Steel Roofing – Provides a straightforward overview of the benefits and science behind the 55% Aluminum-Zinc corrosion resistant coating known as ZINCALUME® or Galvalume®.

Metal Roofing Resources 

  • Metal roofing channel – A comprehensive metal roofing YouTube channel, designed for installers and homeowners. Affiliated with metal product manufacturer Sheffield.
  • Bridger Steel blog – Good insights to share with prospective homeowners on tips and tricks with metal roofs, provided by product manufacturer Bridger Steel.
  • Metal Roofing Association – An industry developed body that serves as a resource for homeowners considering a metal roof.
  • State Farm Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing – A good list of the pros and cons of metal roofing, not affiliated with a building product manufacturer.

Economic and Market Insights 

  • Construction Dive – A publication devoted to the latest trends and insights in the construction industry. 
  • Farnsworth Group – Useful data and market insights on the latest economic and business trends in the home improvement sector.

Meet Shelby, our material matchmaker. She can help find roll formers or service center in your area which have genuine Steelscape steel. She can also find the right person to address any technical or product related inquires. Speak to her directly at (888) 553-5521

Have a color need or finish suggestion and can’t find what you’re after? Steelscape has an extensive range of prototyping tools and resources to develop a wide range of custom colors, prints and designs on metal. Let us know what you need.

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