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Giving Back

Please note: Our area of service is typically western U.S primarily Oregon, California, and Washington.

Material Donations For 501(c) Organizations

On occasion Steelscape has excess metal roofing or metal siding material either due to discontinued product or colors, or slight material defections. We have in the past donated finished products to registered 501(c) organizations who use for various reasons such as; new buildings, repairs or fencing applications. We donate these products as is, with the recipient responsible for shipping and installation. These donations conform to our Material Donation policy and program and subject to validation and approval.

While the quantities and opportunities will vary, we are always looking for worthy 501(c) organizations which could use this material.

If your 501(c) organization is interested in learning when we have material available, please fill out the form below. As material is available, we will reach out to each organization. Material is provided on a first come first serve basis.

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