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Free Metal Roofing and Metal Siding Design & Color Guides

Steelscape is committed to helping architects, designers, and homeowners create captivating structures through stunning metal roof and wall designs. Our expertise in coating metal allows us to interpret and recommend the latest in metal design, which we have collated into a series of informative and inspirational guides.

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2022 Painted Metal Design Trends by Steelscape

Residential Design Trends

Steelscape Project Spotlight Catalalog

Project Spotlight Catalog

A singular guide cannot capture the breadth of design options and color applications for metal. For further inspiration, please contact us 888-553-5521 or visit

Our guides include:

  • Product Guide – Provides an inspiring overview of the different color solutions that Steelscape offers.
  • Color Design Guide – A comprehensive overview of modern color trends and finish options for metal roofs and walls.
  • Metal Wall Design Guide – Designed to enlighten building designers as to the shape and color possibilities available with single skin metal wall panels.
  • Metal Roof Buyer’s Guide – An educational guide designed to empower homeowners when purchasing a metal roof.
  • Vintage Product Guide – Designed to educate and inspire designers and homeowners on Steelscape’s popular Vintage® finish.
  • Project Spotlight Catalog – A collection of Steelscape’s case studies with color collection information and convenient product links.
Natural Matte. Subtle. Refined. Revolutionary

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