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Live Steelscape Osprey Cam

The Osprey Cam is a live-feed view into the nesting lives of these regular residents near our Kalama, Washington plant. Learn more below and enjoy the view!

Home is Where You Make It
For over a decade now, Ospreys have nested atop a 60-foot pole at Steelscape’s Kalama, WA facility. Since 2012, Steelscape has worked alongside U.S. Fish and Wildlife experts to make a variety of beneficial upgrades to the nest such as lighting and high definition cameras for safe viewing. It was determined that this was acceptable as long as the nest movement was outside of the Osprey’s breeding season.

Building the Nesting Platform
In the Fall of 2012, Steelscape maintenance personnel carefully deconstructed the nest and performed the necessary electrical upgrades. A nesting platform was installed above the original nest area so any future work on the lights would not again require moving the nest. The scope of the project has grown to allow others the opportunity to witness the breeding cycle of these magnificent birds. We hope that you enjoy this live Osprey nesting experience as much as those at Steelscape. Please be sure to check out our Sustainability page for more ways we aim to help the environment.

Want to know more about Osprey? Click HERE to learn 21 facts about these amazing birds!

Speaking of nature, have you heard about Steelscape’s new ultra low-gloss Natural Matte® finishes? Click the image below to start exploring!

Natural Matte by Steelscape

Climate Change Initiatives

Steelscape works hard to find ways to increase awareness and decrease waste. Recycling and reduction efforts translated to a cost savings of more than $500,000; not to mention the environmental impact. This included reusing and recycling pallets, preventing food waste at site canteens going to landfill, and reducing hazardous waste.

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