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OspreyCam – See the Majestic Osprey Nesting Live

Ospreys have nested at Steelscape’s Kalama, WA facility for the last decade atop a 60 foot tall light pole. In 2012, lighting upgrades were necessary which would require dismantling and then re-assembling the nest. After discussions with experts from U.S. Fish and Wildlife, it was determined that this was acceptable as long as the nest movement was outside of the Osprey’s breeding season.

Building the Nesting Platform
In the Fall of 2012, Steelscape maintenance personnel carefully deconstructed the nest and performed the necessary electrical upgrades. A nesting platform was installed above the original nest area so any future work on the lights would not again require moving the nest.  The scope of the project has grown to allow others the opportunity to witness the breeding cycle of these magnificent birds. We hope that you enjoy this live Osprey nesting experience as much as those at Steelscape.

Please note the Steelscape Osprey Cam is only live during Osprey nesting season (March-July).

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