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Steelscape’s Commitment to Quality Metal Products

Steelscape guarantees quality through our technology, our processes, and most importantly, our people. This commitment ensures that both customers and product end-users can rely on Steelscape to deliver ultimate material consistency and installed longevity.

  • Steelscape uses advanced pre-painting (coil-coating) lines that clean the base steel, apply coatings, and cure the finish, all in one process. Learn more about the process here.​
  • We use the latest in paint technology, and partner with a variety of coating experts to provide stunning, high-quality, durable finishes.​
  • These coatings are applied in a controlled environment, resulting in excellent paint adhesion, coating consistency, and batch consistency, superior to coatings applied in the field.  ​
  • Steelscape operates several of the fundamental steel processing steps in-house, including pickling, cold-rolling, metallic coating, and painting, to ensure optimum product consistency and quality.
  • Technology is only effective if it is managed using robust quality management practices. Our comprehensive quality management system, standard operating procedures, and proactive maintenance program ensure that we achieve or exceed quality benchmarks.​
  • Each product undertakes several comprehensive quality tests before it is shipped to customers.​
  • Steelscape partners with metal users on how to appropriately specify, manufacture, and install the right coated metal solution, extending the longevity of Steelscape’s quality products.​
  • Our Manufacturing Excellence program ensures we are always exploring ways to extend our quality leadership.
  • At Steelscape we recognize that employees are our most important asset. Our empowered, professional, and committed employees ensure that quality processes are consistently applied and routinely improved. ​
  • We strive to build a culture based on teamwork, open communication, continuous learning, and pride. Our commitment to quality is evident in the superior products and services we deliver each day.

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