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Eternal Collection

Design and Color Solutions

Eternal Collection® - Stunning Metal Roofing and Siding Colors

The Eternal Collection encompasses four inspiring colors, developed as a captivating solution for metal roof and wall applications. Employing the latest in paint technology, the translucent finish provides a distinctive surface sheen, depth, and a rich, elegant color.

The Eternal Collection blends exceptionally well with both urban and rural environments as well as other building materials including wood, stucco and brick. Ideal for concealed fastener wall panels, insulated metal panels, standing seam roofing, and other metal accents.

Backed by an industry leading 25.5 year limited corrosion warranty and a 20 year limited finish warranty, the Eternal Collection is the durable, yet distinctive solution for your next roofing or siding project.

A warm, ochre tone with dynamic qualities.



  • SRI: 29
  • Code: 21583

This cool and dewy exterior provides an organic and fresh feel.



  • SRI: 25
  • Code: 21584

Achieve any look from contemporary to classic with this versatile color. 


Urban Slate

  • SRI: 24
  • Code: 21585

Harness the warmth of the sun with this eye-catching finish. 



  • SRI: 36
  • 22070

Representation of colors may vary due to monitor settings. Note: Batch-to-Batch and Directional variations can occur. We do not recommend mixing batches.

Eternal Collection® - Case Studies
Strategies for Success with Aluminum-Zinc Coated Metal Roofs

A Washington State homeowner selected Steelscape’s Eternal Collection® Urban Slate to uplift the style of their home with a stunning new roof. Built in 1993, this home featured an original teal roof with outdated, inferior paint technology.

The striking new roof features Steelscape’s Urban Slate on a classic standing seam profile. Urban Slate is a semi translucent finish which provides a deeper color that changes dynamically with daylight. This engaging color in conjunction with the clean, crisp lines of the standing seam profile uplift the curb appeal of this home and improve the integration of the home with its lush environment.

Roofing Profile: AEP Span’s Design Span® hp
Installer: Cogent Construction, Shelton WA

Located in the South Basin of the Puget Sound resides this vibrant, state-of-the-art, healthy living facility. Run as a nonprofit organization, the YMCA is dedicated to strengthening the local community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

The spacious facility includes pools, gyms, sports courts, and educational areas and an engaging façade featuring Steelscape’s Eternal Collection® Ironstone finish. With its unique depth and dynamic light interaction, Ironstone provides a warm, contemporary color that complements wood and concrete materials and contrasts other metal elements. Its robust FEVE coating is a building manager’s dream, with outstanding durability, graffiti resistance, and low long-term maintenance requirements.

Architect: Williams Architecture
Installer: Bahnmiller Construction, Inc.

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Product Sheets and Warranties

  • Eternal Collection Product Sheet PDF | RTF
  • Eternal Collection Warranty PDF | RTF
  • FEVE Coatings Family Overview PDF | RTF

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Rainforest from the Eternal Collection
Ideal for either roofing or siding. Eternal Collection® offers four distinctly colorful, yet translucent colors, designed to enhance any exterior.
rainforest by steelscape

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