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Design and Color Solutions

Vintage® − A Dynamic Metal Roofing and Siding Color

Vintage® offers a warm, classic-aged metal appearance, designed to maximize the natural light cast on your metal roofing and siding. Its semi-translucent color allows for the character of the underneath metal to be visible, providing unparalleled depth and a distinct metallic sheen. The dynamic nature of this finish plays on the changing light of its environment.

This highly versatile finish is a popular choice for standing seam profiles, flat concealed fastener wall panels, or mixed with wood and stone. It’s Ideal for residential roofing or as a durable commercial roofing and siding solution!

And despite its aged appearance, Vintage is a durable finish backed by a 20-year limited finish warranty and is graffiti resistant, allowing you to maintain an elegant look for years to come.

A dynamic finish that changes with the light.



  • SRI 22
  • 14102

Representation of colors may vary due to monitor settings. Note: Batch-to-Batch and Directional variations can occur. We do not recommend mixing batches.

Vintage® is officially approved and listed with the
Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC)

Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) Logo

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Product Sheets and Warranties

  • Vintage Product Sheet PDF | RTF
  • CRRC Product Sheet PDF | RTF
  • Steelscape Vintage Warranty PDF | RTF
  • FEVE Coatings Family Overview PDF | RTF

Can’t find the information you are looking for? Let Us Know

Vintage® - Case Studies
Broadcast Apartments

The Broadcast Apartment complex stands out from its surroundings through the extensive use of Steelscape’s Vintage metal finish. Featuring 70 residential units and 4 live-work units, the complex features a variety of different wall panel forms to add texture and character to the flat surfaces of the structure. The timeless warmth of Vintage® provides a distinctive, evolving appearance that engages with natural light in a compelling way. Finished in 2017, the structure features a collection of different spaces incorporating apartments, retail space, rooftop entertainment options, and underground parking.

Architect: Johnson Oaklief Architecture and Planning
Builder: Trent Development

Mother Neff State Park - Vintage by Steelscape

This new, limestone visitor center formed the centerpiece of the re-opening of Mother Neff State park following extensive upgrades in 2015. The design team chose the classic color and depth of Steelscape’s Vintage® to complement the mixed metal and stone facade. Designed to match existing historic structures within Texas’ oldest state park, Vintage’s ageless hue integrates the clean lines of modern roofing design with the unique texture of authentic stone.

Roofer: Port Enterprises and Roofcrafters

This STEM academy delivers an inspiring environment for hands on learning in science and technology. Consisting of the renovation of two existing buildings and the addition of a new structure, the facility provides the benchmark for the school district’s labs and classrooms.

Steelscape’s Vintage® was used in conjunction with a box-ribbed metal wall panel to add texture and complementary shadow lines to this modern structure. Vintage’s classic metallic hue interacts dynamically with natural light and blends exceptionally well with the mixed use of wood and masonry siding products.

Architect: Erickson McGovern
Contractor: Architectural Sheet Metal

Completed in 2018, Goodhaus is a Zero Net Energy home designed by and built for the principals of Atmosphere Design Build. Selected as Fine Homebuilding’s House 2018, this 2,300 sq ft family home embodies the designer’s passions of resiliency, efficiency, health and comfort, beauty and playfulness.

Steelscape’s Vintage® was used to achieve the design vision of ‘handmade modern’ and to complement the extensive use of natural cedar siding. Vintages dynamic hue contributes to the integration of the structure with the dense, natural environment of the surrounding Sierra foothills.

Architect: Atmosphere Design Build
Photo Credit: Kat Alves Photography

This project had a simple design mission to create an ‘awe-inspiring’ area where both students and staff were excited to visit each day. At almost 100,000 square feet in size, this modern, visually striking school has achieved this vision.

Steelscape’s dynamic Vintage® finish was selected as the preferred material for the metal façade as its unique interaction with light contributed to the layered design of the structure. The combination of the upper varied wall panel design, in conjunction with a lower multi-tone brick façade, contributes to an engaging sense of texture.

Vintage’s versatile hue enables the expansive building to integrate into its high-desert environment, and metal’s outstanding durability provides peace of mind for the school district for decades to come.

Architect: Blythe Group + Co.

This collaboratively developed school instills pride among teachers and students with its commanding yet memorable design. The design focuses on dynamic circulation, which creates student gathering spaces and provides students with a variety of pathways, both physically and academically.

The façade extensively features Steelscape’s Vintage® finish on a box ribbed panel. The classic aged appearance of Vintage works in concert with other siding panels to add texture, and to contrast the rich red brick siding elements. The Vintage finish further helps this design endure the test of time with its standard anti-graffiti finish.

Architect: BBT Architects
Installer: Skyline Sheet Metal

This 120,000 square foot, 850 student school sits within the Five Mile Prairie region of Spokane Washington. The design features smaller learning communities for each grade to improve safety, to enhance a sense of community, and to ease student progression from elementary to middle school.

The exterior façade features Steelscape’s Vintage finish in conjunction with AEP Span’s Flex Series® metal siding. The combination of the engaging, varied vertical panel shapes, and dynamic color of Vintage, produce siding accents and shadows that evolve throughout the day. The modern yet restrained hue of Vintage integrate with the light brick perimeter and the open, natural setting of the school. Metal siding was a conscious project decision to maximize the life span of the building while reducing operational costs. Vintage’s inherent graffiti resistance aided in the color selection decision, making its use for a school a great fit!

Architect: ALSC Architects
Installer: Graham Construction
Photo Credit: Alan Brandt Photography

This home sits on the expansive Refuge Air Ranch, a unique 65 acre, 25 lot community with 6,000 Ft of runway. The home integrates an airplane hangar and a comfortable living quarters, and uses a diverse range of materials to integrate the structure into its mountain setting. Recreating the appeal of an old farmhouse, Steelscape’s Vintage® is featured in a silo focal point of the design. The dynamic finish and warm color of Vintage provide an intriguing accent piece in this unique design. Vintage is further used as a contrasting trim and hangar door color.

Architect: Timberline Associates

This 2-story, 28-classroom school replaces the original 1963 building to bring elementary school education into the 21st century. The design emphasizes natural lighting and ventilation to improve the learning environment while reducing energy consumption.

The building extensively features metal siding and roofing, a desirable choice when durability and low operating costs are important considerations. The roofing and siding surfaces feature Steelscape’s versatile yet dynamic Vintage® color, which accentuates the shapes and shows of the building.

Architect: Cornerstone Architectural Group
Contractor: Babbitt Neuman Construction Company

Vintage® flatlay
Vintage Corrugated Metal
Ideal for either roofing or siding. Harnesses the beauty of changing light to blend into any environment.