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Design and Color Solutions

Solid Colors − Metal Roofing and Siding Colors

The Benchmark for stunning metal roofs and walls

From complementary to classic, subtle to bold, or any custom color in between, Steelscape has the flexibility to produce stunning solid colors to elevate metal roof and wall projects. Each year thousands of metal roofs and walls throughout the US are made with Steelscape’s vibrant, durable and superior solid colors.  Using only the latest in painted metal technology, designers and homeowners can be confident that Steelscape solid colors will last the test of time.

Need help selecting the perfect color for your next project? View our project gallery or request samples today.  Contact Steelscape to find out products partners in your area that carry genuine Steelscape steel.

A sampling of modern solid colors include:

Contemporary Colors


Dark Bronze

Terra Cotta

Patina Steel

Zinc Gray

Matte Black


Metallic Silver

Classic Colors

Regal White

Light Stone

Weathered Copper

Classic Red

Old Town Gray

Forest Green

Metallic Champagne


Representation of colors may vary due to monitor settings. Note: Batch-to-Batch and Directional variations can occur. We do not recommend mixing batches.

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