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Solid Colors

Design and Color Solutions

Solid Colors - Exterior Colors for Metal Roofing & Metal Siding

Steelscape produces a kaleidoscope of vibrant metal colors ideal for metal roofing, siding, and other metal accessories. Steelscape supplies these metal colors direct to a broad network of leading metal product manufacturers.

Steelscape offers our robust paint system Spectrascape, in addition to a wide variety of other paints and finishes from leading paint vendors. Spectrascape colors offer a broad color palette, excellent durability, and long finish warranties.

To identify metal roofing and siding product manufacturers in your area that feature Spectrascape colors or genuine Steelscape painted metal, complete the Where to Buy form below.

Please note: Due to regional color preferences, Steelscape does not carry solid color samples. These may be available direct from your preferred metal roofing product manufacturer.

Sampling of Spectrascape Metal Roofing and Siding Colors

Medium Bronze

Copper Penny

Old Town Gray

Terra Cotta

Ash Gray

Dark Green

Regal White

Weathered Zinc


Charcoal Gray

Colonial Red

Dark Blue


Sage Green

Dark Bronze

Tahoe Blue

Slate Gray

Weathered Copper

Winter White

These are representative colors only. Inquire with your local metal roofing and siding manufacturer, or roofing contractor as to the colors available within your area.

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Steelscape is not a roofing company, but will identify a roof or wall product manufacturer in your area who uses genuine Steelscape steel. 

Simply complete this form and we can put you in touch with the right local expert.

Solid Color - Case Studies
Steelscape Design Inspiration | Skokomish Community Center

Designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment to the Twana community, this distinctive net-zero structure incorporates a gathering space, commercial kitchen, education space and a gymnasium. The vibrant Colonial Red roof and trim contrasts with the wood siding to provide a captivating, staunch structure that integrates with its surrounding wooded environment. The skillion style roof facilitates the extensive use of solar while also enabling the crisp, clean lines of the standing roof to be on prominent display.

Architect: 7 Directions
Builder: Pease Construction and Rognlins Inc.

Opened in 2018, the Kalama Harbor Lodge expands the network of family-owned McMenamin brewpubs with this four-story, 30,000 sq. ft. hotel and restaurant. Nestled on the banks of the Columbia River, the lodge is modeled on the famous Pioneer Inn in Maui, a turn of the century, Lahaina building. This inspired design was chosen to complement McMenamins series of eclectic, captivating locations while also paying homage to one of the regions first settlers, John Kalama, originally from Maui.

Despite its historic appearance, this expansive hotel was built new from the ground up. The classic lines of the standing seam roof paired with a charismatic red hue, serve to provide a tasteful contrasting color to the lush surrounding environment while supporting the continuity of this historically influenced design.

Architect: Collins Architecture Group

This 2,000 square foot modern residential home is designed to optimize living space for a family of four within the modest confines of inner suburban Calgary. Deploying a structural beam and post framed design, this home creates the feeling of space through an open-plan layout and high vaulted ceilings. Large windows on both floors accentuate the open, spacious feeling.

The extensive use of standing seam metal cladding in Steelscape’s Slate Gray adds texture and distinct shadow lines while contributing to the modern aesthetic. This versatile color enables the unique integration between roof and siding surfaces. The muted hue also complements and accentuates the use of natural stained wood leading to a cohesive, memorable design.

Architect: Ryan Schmidt Architecture
Builder: Ironwood Building Corporation

Opened in October 2019, 7 years after it was originally envisioned, this shelter is designed to provide a warm atmosphere for 65 dogs, 55 cats, and other small animals. As the facility is heavily trafficked and requires frequent cleaning, metal was an obvious choice to reduce Operations & Maintenance budget impacts.

Genuine Steelscape steel was chosen for metal siding, roofing, and soffits to add visual interest, durability and for cost-effectiveness from both an environmental and capital cost perspective. To help convey the warm, fun, and inviting atmosphere, a bright custom yellow “Tuscan Sun” was chosen by a public forum. This was used in conjunction with contrasting Zinc Gray siding and roofing. This bright, modern color scheme blends well with the mixed-use of wood and brick to create a dramatic, contemporary design.

Architect: Eric Whole and Carolyn Natividad, LDA Partners
General Contractor: Robert E Boyer, Inc.

Nestled in the picturesque mountainside close to Aspen, Colorado, sits this stunning, modern single-family home. Appropriately called ‘Black Magic’, the home features an open floorplan and large windows of varying sizes to maximize the breathtaking views of this unique location.

Seeking to make a bold statement from its heavily wooded lot and earthy surroundings, the home features the extensive use of metal cladding in a dark solid hue. Corrugated metal wall panels add texture and visual appeal to the large squared surfaces, while also providing strength and resistance against the harsh Colorado winters. The use of similarly colored flush panels for accent pieces, add additional visual distinction to the structure.

Contractor: Rowland+Broughton Design Build

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