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Our Coating Capabilities

Metallic Coat Steel

Metallic Coating Steel

We add a metallic coating to improve corrosion performance


Paint Metal

Painting Metal

We add aesthetic appeal to steel through paints, finishes and textures

Paint Systems | Value Added Coatings

Steelscape is the industry leader in manufacturing innovative coated metal for use in construction applications including metal roofs and walls. Our coated metal provides end users with confidence through long-term durability and aesthetic appeal.

Steelscape has two distinct coating capabilities, metallic coating and painting which it manages through advanced technology and an experienced team. This ensures superior quality, color vibrancy and long-term installed performance.


Learn more about our specific capabilities below:

ZINCALUME® steel, manufactured exclusively by Steelscape, offering two to four times the corrosion resistance of regular galvanized steel through a revolutionary aluminum-zinc coating formula.

ZINCALUME®, also known by the trade name Galvalume®, can be readily bent and formed into a variety of difference metal roof and wall products. Combine this with superior durability, edge protection and a 25 1/2 year corrosion warranty and it is clear why ZINCALUME® is the building material of choice.

Bare ZINCALUME®, produces a stunning metallic aesthetic, with a uniform spangled surface that is used widely for metal roofs throughout a US. Alternatively, Steelscape can paint ZINCALUME® in an endless array of colors, designs and paint types to fulfill any design vision.

  • ZINCALUME® Product Sheet PDF | RTF
  • ZINCALUME® Warranty PDF | RTF
  • ZINCALUME® Steel Grade Data Sheets PDF | RTF
  • ZINCALUME® Steel Processing Capabilities PDF | RTF
  • ZINCALUME® Steel Technical Bulletin PDF | RTF

TruZinc® galvanized steel reflects a zinc metallic coating applied using Steelscape’s advanced production process providing trusted corrosion protection. The result is a versatile building product with exceptional durability. Our industry-leading zinc coating process creates a beautiful surface finish of superior quality.

Steelscape’s TruZinc® is the dependable substrate for a variety of construction products from metal roofing and siding, to metal buildings, HVAC ducting, and decking. Steelscape offer a wide range of painted TruZinc product options including an endless range of colors and textures and paint enhancement options.

  • TruZinc® Product Sheet PDF | RTF
  • TruZinc® Steel Grade Data Sheets PDF | RTF
  • TruZinc® Steel Processing Capabilities PDF | RTF
  • TruZinc® Steel SDS PDF | RTF
  • TruZinc®  Plus Steel SDS PDF | RTF
  • TruZinc® Steel Technical Bulletin PDF | RTF

Steelscape understands the power of color, that’s why we offer pre-painted ZINCALUME®, TruZinc® and aluminum in an almost endless array of colors and finishes. Steelscape offers the latest in paint technology including polyester, silicon modified polyester and PVDF systems ideal for construction applications including metal roofs and walls.

Steelscape’s strong partnerships with leading paint companies allows us to not only manufacture painted metal products, but to be a creative resource for customers.  Our two full-service paint lines are strategically located in the Western U.S. near major transportation hubs for both truck and rail. This assures that our customers get fast, reliable deliveries. Embossing, slitting and cut-to-length value-added processing are also available upon request.

  • Pre-Painted Steel Processing Capabilities PDF | RTF
  • Pre-Painted TruZinc® Steel SDS PDF | RTF
  • Pre-Painted Zincalume Steel SDS PDF | RTF
  • Pre-Painted Technical Bulletin PDF | RTF

ReziBond® features a mill applied resin system over our TruZinc® steel to produce a product ideal for field painting. ReziBond® offers superior roll-formability and exceptional adhesion during forming. Ongoing product development has enhanced post-paintability and ensures sealant compatibility. Rezibond® also offers solderability and improved lap seam adhesion strength. ReziBond product is available in various sizes and in both fluting and non-fluting conditions. Please note that ReziBond substrate is designed to be field-applied painted and is not recommended for exposed, exterior applications.

  • ReziBond® Product Sheet PDF | RTF
  • ReziBond® Technical Bulletin PDF | RTF

TruzGuard is the Ideal material for interior metal panels and products in the cold-storage, food services, hospital, laboratory and education industries. For manufacturers in these industries, Steelscape cuts down on product approval as TruzGuard is compliant with NSF/ANSI 51, and expedites product approval as it meets NSF/ANSI 2, 6, 7, 12, 25. TruzGuard coated metal features a high performance, stain-resistant coating and offers a vibrant finish in several elegant colors.

  • TruzGuard Product Sheet PDF | RTF
  • TruzGuard NSF-ANSI 51 Certification PDF | RTF

Graffiti Resistance – Steelscape provides a graffiti-resistant coating system which is an affordable solution for combating graffiti on metal siding and metal interior surfaces. This innovative metal coating system is offered as a factory-applied coating and offers building owners an easy-to-use, fully tested process to safely remove graffiti, and keep buildings looking their best. The coating works as a barrier of protection over the color coat layer and prevents most graffiti material from gripping or shadowing the surface. Apply DuraPrep Prep 400 directly to the surface and wipe away the graffiti.

  • Graffiti-Resistant Product Sheet PDF | RTF

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