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Design and Color Solutions

Woodgrain – Metal Siding Authentic Wood Finish

Steelscape’s Woodgrain prints offer the warmth and natural beauty of wood combined with the durability of metal. Compared to wood, metal is fire resistant, rot resistant, termite resistant, and easier to maintain.

Featuring an authentic blended finish for optimum realism, Steelscape’s Woodgrain is ideal for siding applications, including board and batten siding, wall accents, and metal log cabins.

Unlike traditional wood products, these finishes will never need to be retreated or re-stained yet still come with complete finish warranties of up to 30 years.

The beauty of natural redwood in a lasting metal finish.



Red Cedar

  • SRI 37
  • XWOORC01

Representation of colors may vary due to monitor settings. Note: Batch-to-Batch and Directional variations can occur. We do not recommend mixing batches.

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Steelscape is not a roofing company, but will identify a roof or wall product manufacturer in your area who uses genuine Steelscape steel. 

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Product Sheets and Warranties

  • Woodgrain Product Sheet PDF | RTF
  • Steelscape Prints PVDF Warranty PDF | RTF
  • Steelscape ZINCALUME Warranty PDF | RTF

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Woodgrain - Case Studies

Located on the banks of Lake Delhi in Eastern Iowa sits this charming bar and grille. Ideally situated just meters from the sandy shore, it’s a welcome watering hole and eatery for those seeking to relax or unwind in the area.

Despite its small size, the design features a tough metal building. Metal buildings offer a cost-effective new construction solution and a large clear span interior area to give plenty of space for the bar, kitchen, and restaurant areas. Despite appearances, the outside siding is all metal, featuring Steelscape’s Red Cedar finish to give the building warmth and distinct appeal.

Building Manufacturer: Hixwood Metals

Natural Matte. Subtle. Refined. Revolutionary

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