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What We Do

Steelscape is a manufacturer of high-quality coated metal. Coating metal provides the important attributes of long-term durability, color vibrancy and resistance against environmental damage. Our superior coated metal supplies leading metal roof and wall manufacturers throughout the US.

Steelscape performs three fundamental steps of metal production; cold rolling, metallic coating and painting, guaranteeing superior coated metal products. Cold rolling reduces steel to exact customer size, metallic coating provides steel with its corrosion resistance, and painting provides the final aesthetic appeal and durability. Steelscape’s advanced manufacturing technology, rigorous quality controls, and a dedicated team ensure that we provide building owners with confidence.

Homeowner, designer or architect? Ensure you use genuine Steelscape steel. Contact Steelscape for more information on our industry partners. Or explore the products we offer in the Designs and Applications.

Product manufacturer, service center or roll former? Explore our capabilities in depth and download our service offer appendix or reach out to our sales team for more information.

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