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Metal Education Starts Here

Welcome to Steelscape’s Learning Center, your education hub for pre-painted metal – the stunning, durable material
used for metal roofing and siding. At Steelscape, we specialize in the development and production of innovative prepainted metal. The learning center is the synthesis of this experience and knowledge into succinct educational content.

The learning center has a variety of learning tools developed to assist the design, selection, and specification of exterior
metal products. The learning center contains a variety of educational content including 15-minute video courses, live
introductory sessions, case studies, and detailed bulletins addressing specific metal topics.

To start learning, select one of the learning areas below:

15 minute on-demand video courses on designing with pre-painted metal.

 AIA CE Accredited

1 hour introductory courses on pre-painted metal (live and on-demand).

 AIA CE Accredited

Case studies showcasing stunning commercial and residential projects using genuine Steelscape steel.

A review of current and emerging trends influencing modern building design with pre-painted metal.

Detailed technical bulletins covering topics related to the selection and specification of pre-painted metal products.

A series of informative articles on design considerations and common issues to be aware of when selecting pre-painted metal.

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