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Design and Color Solutions

Rustic – Rusted Metal Roofing and Siding Colors

Steelscape’s Rustic captures the distinctive natural charm of oxidized metal. From the fresh oxidized glow of Sedona Rust to the duller aged tone of Natural Rust, Steelscape has an authentic finish for all applications.

The Rustic color palette is suited to a broad range of environments and designed to complement other natural elements such as wood siding and stone. Rustic prints are the ideal color for standing seam roofing, corrugated panels and flat metal siding.

Rusted finishes typically come with the detractors of unsightly rust runoff and compromised long-term performance. By comparison, Steelscape’s Rustic designs offer long-lasting performance, long warranties, and energy saving paint technology.

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Baltic Brown

  • SRI 29
  • XGRABB01

Burnt Rust

  • SRI 36
  • XGRABI01

Sedona Rust

  • SRI 31
  • XPEBSR01

Natural Rust

  • SRI 33
  • XNATNR01

Representation of colors may vary due to monitor settings. Note: Batch-to-Batch and Directional variations can occur. We do not recommend mixing batches.

Rustic - Case Studies

Having served the local area since 1939, this Washington based fire department required an upgrade to reflect the growing needs of the community. This brand-new firehouse incorporates a range of mixed materials to deliver a stunning, modern design.​

Steelscape’s Burnt Rust, featured in a corrugated wall panel was selected to provide warmth and texture to this commanding community building. Burnt Rust offers an oxidized color with an authentic weathered look without the performance compromise. This versatile color both contrasts and complements the gray and neutral tones of other stone and metal siding materials.

Architect: TCA Architecture Planning​
Contractor: Shreve Construction LLC

Innovative Finish Elevates This Mile High School

Serving up to 1,000 students, this 142,000 square-foot school provides a robust environment for students to learn and grow. Seeking to integrate with the golden colors of the surrounding mountain region, the design team used a corrugated wall profile in conjunction with Steelscape’s Sedona Rust. This printed rust pattern was used rather than using a true weathered product, which would continue to deteriorate in performance–alleviating the headache of ongoing maintenance by school administrators. Sedona Rust provides the same warm, oxidized glow but is supported by the peace of mind of a complete paint warranty.

Architect: Hord Coplan Macht
Builder: Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP)

Vino Meets Virtue With Remarkable Metal Roof

Designed for a third generation winemaker, this memorable tasting room serves to cement the families winemaking legacy. Exuding a Tuscan charm, this premium venue creates a rich, memorable experience for visitors to the area.

The warm oxidized glow of Steelscape’s Sedona Rust was selected to provide a graceful roofline that contrasts with the light masonry siding yet perfectly suits the golden tones of the Central Coast wine region.

Architect: Vladimir Milosevic
Contractor: Rarig Construction

Fire Station 63

The expansive Central Pierce Fire and Rescue Station is designed to house one fire engine and one paramedic unit including crew living and support areas. Finishes were selected and designed based on sustainability, durability and integration into a broader mill concept. Steelscape’s Burnt Rust print in a corrugated profile was selected to add a warm, contrasting hue to other metal wall products while also integrating with wood accents.

Architect: RiceFregusMiller and TCA Architecture Planning
Contractor: SCF General Contractors Inc.

Situated in the sparse desert highlands at the base of the Eastern Sierra, sits this charismatic middle school. For this project, metal siding was selected to add depth and unique appeal to this expansive campus. Metal was the preferred material for this facade due to its color versatility, long term durability, and the confidence provided by metal’s lengthy finish warranties.

Pairing Steelscape’s Sedona Rust and Vintage, these finishes provide rich accent pieces that also integrate effectively with the desert hues of the Reno area and the earth tones of the masonry siding. Much like the desert landscape, these colors provide evolving color as the light changes throughout the day. Applied to standing-seam siding of varying widths, the panel ribs provide varied texture to the facade and capitalize on dynamic shadows to further accentuate the siding color.

Architect: Van Woert Bigotti Architects
Contractor: Core Construction
Photo Credit: Vance Fox

This memorable project features a flexible and lively campus for its diverse community. The 81,000 sq ft school includes classrooms, a gymnasium, student support facilities, and music rooms. A key feature of the design is a central second-floor library, designed to act as a safe and inspiring haven for students.

The building features Steelscape’s Burnt Rust finish, which provides a warm color that connects the building to the surrounding grove of mature trees. This finish, paired with the varied lines of a concealed fastener metal siding, add texture and shadow to the modern, functional design. Burnt Rust was the preferred finish for this project as it provides the fresh rust glow of a traditional oxidized product without any of the long-term maintenance issues, such as rust runoff or staining.

Architect: Bassetti Architects
Installer: King Sheet Metal

Positioned of the banks of the Columbia river, lies this captivating take on a traditional waterfront warehouse. The building provides an operations center for the port and a home for the region’s rich history.

Steelscape worked collaboratively with the Port of Kalama to develop finishes ideal for their waterfront interpretive center. This re-imagined design features Steelscape’s Burnt Rust and Weathered Zinc finishes. These colors recreate the warmth of fresh rust and the timeless metallic glow of aged zinc. The two colors complement other featured materials including stone and exposed metal, to create a harmonious design.

Architect: Collins Architectural Group

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