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Stunning Metal Roofing Featured Project

New Project in Progress

A Washington State homeowner selected Steelscape’s Urban Slate to uplift the style of their home and replace an outdated metal roof.

This expansive home, built in 1993 and situated in the rolling hills of Kalama Washington, features an original teal green metal roof that is in need of replacement. Typically, metal roofs will last for decades if not the life of the building, however unique conditions resulted in the premature failure of the primer below the roofs topcoat color.

The original finish, a teal color, was selected at the time to provide a complementary hue to its surrounding environment and add to a contemporary theme. The replacement of this roof not only provides the opportunity to address the aesthetic issues of the roof system but to update the style of the home for the 21st century.

Why the need for a roof replacement?

Modern metal roofs are designed to last for decades with some products offering warranties of more than 30 years. This is based on advanced paint system technology development in the last 25 years. Unfortunately, in this project, the original metal roof featured an outdated paint technology that has long been replaced in the market with superior, more durable finish technology.

Historically, some metal paint systems, such as this project, featured an epoxy primer that was sensitive to UV light degradation in certain applications. When used in conjunction with more opaque pigments, such as blues and greens, UV degradation broke down the primer beneath the topcoat, leading to a loss of paint adhesion and ultimately the unsightly loss of paint as seen in the project photos.  While this does not impact the performance of the roof against the elements, in this instance it provides an unsightly eye sore that detracts from this beautiful home. Today, modern metal paint systems feature urethane primers, rather than epoxy which does not exhibit the same weakness towards UV degradation.

To Learn more about the metal roofing purchase journey, download our Metal Roof Buyer’s Guide.

What can I learn about the color choice?

Despite the availability of modern, durable primers, the color selected for this project features the unique, primerless Eternal Collection in a blue-gray color called Urban Slate. The advantage of this type of painted metal is that the translucent finish provides a deeper color that changes dynamically with daylight. Furthermore its unique composition enables the metal texture underneath to be slightly apparent uplifting home curb appeal. As you can see in the images of the completed roof on the garage, the color completely transforms this home.

The Eternal Collection also features the added strength of ZINCALUME, a corrosion protection barrier applied to the steel before it is painted. ZINCALUME provides superior corrosion protection and carries a corrosion protection warranty of 25 and a half years.

To learn more about the Eternal Collection explore here, or click to Learn more about the difference of ZINCALUME. To get samples of your own of this fantastic finish, submit your request here.


Eternal Collection® Product Sheet PDF | RTF


What metal roofing panel was used?

Design Span® hp

Our downstream customer, AEP Span was the roll-former manufacturer for the standing seam metal roofing system shown. AEP Span’s Design Span® hp roofing product was selected for its appearance and clean lines. Design Span metal roofing is a performance-rated structural standing seam metal roof panel. This type of high-performance metal roof is attached to the structure using specialty clips rather than nailed directly. This provides greater performance against snow and wind loads and offers improved thermal movement properties. Allowing for thermal movement means that it provides the roof with greater opportunity to expand and contract with changing weather temperatures without compromising weather tightness. Allowing for thermal movement also helps reduce unsightly visual imperfections such as oil canning.

Design Span features a 1 and ¾ inch rib height which provides crisp clean lines and a more pronounced rib shadow to add to the curb appeal of the home. To learn more about Design Span HP, click here.

As can be seen in the pictures and videos, the re-roof is complete. The new roof completely modernizes the feel of the home without clashing with its environment and the existing materials and features of the home.

Keep checking this page for more updates! If you are searching for guidance on how to modernize the look of your home with a new metal roof, download one of our design guides or speak to our experts directly.


Color: Urban Slate (Eternal Collection®)

Type: Reroof

Roof Age: 27 years

Location: Kalama, WA

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