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Learning Center

Learning Center

Learning Center

Steelscape is dedicated to the continuous education of the design and metal building communities as well as end-product users.  Steelscape has developed a range of tools designed to educate users of important considerations when designing metal roofs and walls.

Continuous Education Courses


Steelscape just released its new course, Understanding Pre-Painted Metal, which explores paint fundamentals and important considerations when specifying pre-painted metal. This course provides an extensive overview of enhancement options to improve building envelope aesthetics, durability, and energy efficiency.

This course is valid for 1 LU|HSW credit.

Format options:

  • On Demand (1 hr course) – available online through AEC Daily here.
  • Webinar (Hosted online) – Interact directly with experienced industry specialists. Requires a minimum of a 4-week advanced notification, subject to group minimum size (10) and presenter availability. Inquire using the Ask Steelscape functionality.
  • In Person – (Onsite) Available at either of our facilities, (Rancho Cucamonga, CA or Kalama, WA). Requires a minimum of a 4-week advanced notification, subject to group minimum size (10) and presenter availability. Inquire using the Ask Steelscape functionality. Includes a tour of steel production and coating facilities to see key course concepts in direct application.

Live Webinars

Course Description:
The surface coating is the first line of defense in pre-painted metal, and one of the most important elements to consider as part of a metal purchase. Selecting the right coating, finish, and paint system can affect product lifespan, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. This course discusses the composition of pre-painted metal, its application, performance, and also examines the building and environmental factors that may influence the type of paint system specified.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand pre-painted metal fundamentals, the paint application process and the advantages of this process relevant to exterior building applications.
  • Identify the three common types of paint systems, their differences, and appropriate applications.
  • Recognize the enhancement options available for pre-painted metal and how they can be modified specifically to project needs.
  • Identify pre-painted metal durability issues, their causes and applicable warranty considerations for end building users.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
10:00 am – 11:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Eastern

From your computer

AIA CES Learning Units:
1.0 AIA/CES Learning Units/HSW/SD (No fee)
Earned credits are based on attendance and updated upon completion of the webinar.


During the live event, you will get a chance to participate in the Q&A with Michelle Vondran of Steelscape.

Michelle VondranMichelle Vondran is Technical Manager for NS BlueScope Coated Products, North America. Michelle graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. She started her career as a research chemist with Morton (later BASF) coil coatings with a focus on polymers. This position also included lab development as well as lab-to-production scale-up and manufacturing quality and process control.

Eventually, Michelle’s focus shifted to cool pigmentation where she brought the first cool coil coatings to market. She was active in the Cool Roof Rating Council and Energy Star Roofing Program. She joined Steelscape as a Quality Engineer for the Rancho Cucamonga, CA paint line. While there, she has held the Quality Systems Manager role and now, in her current position, as Technical Manager. She oversees quality systems and technical service for BlueScope Coated Products North America, which is comprised of Steelscape and ASC Profiles.

Michelle is an active member of the National Coil Coaters Association, sitting on the technical committee, as well as the Zinc Aluminum Coaters Association.

Designscape Live: Educational videos

Designscape live is a multipart series covering important painted metal topics in brief video segments.   The series addresses a range of issues including paint systems, enhancement options, failures and warranty coverage. Subscribe to the Steelscape YouTube channel to stay up to date with the latest series updates.

Episode 1 explores the fundamental components of paint and how each plays an important role.

Episode 2 explores how paint is applied to metal and why the pre-painting process creates a consistent, long-lasting product.

Episode 3 explores the important paint and finish layers that makes metal roof and walls durable and beautiful.

Episode 4 explores the importance of color as well as the differences between the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), Gloss, and Light Reflectance Value (LRV).

Project Spotlights

The project spotlights below highlight Steelscape’s showcase projects that illustrate the vibrant metal finishes. You’ll be able to see the versatility of metal available in many shapes, sizes, and configurations.

Steelscape Design Inspiration | Skokomish Community Center

Designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment to the Twana community, this distinctive net-zero structure incorporates a gathering space, commercial kitchen, education space and a gymnasium. The vibrant Colonial Red roof and trim contrasts with the wood siding to provide a captivating, staunch structure that integrates with its surrounding wooded environment. The skillion style roof facilitates the extensive use of solar while also enabling the crisp, clean lines of the standing roof to be on prominent display.

Architect: 7 Directions
Builder: Pease Construction and Rognlins Inc.

Broadcast Apartment Complex by Steelscape

The Broadcast Apartment complex stands out from its surroundings through the extensive use of Steelscape’s Vintage metal finish. Featuring 70 residential units and 4 live-work units, the complex features a variety of different wall panel forms to add texture and character to the flat surfaces of the structure. The timeless warmth of Vintage® provides a distinctive, evolving appearance that engages with natural light in a compelling way. Finished in 2017, the structure features a collection of different spaces incorporating apartments, retail space, rooftop entertainment options, and underground parking.

Architect: Johnson Oaklief Architecture and Planning
Builder: Trent Development

Serving up to 1,000 students, this 142,000 square-foot school provides a robust environment for students to learn and grow. Seeking to integrate with the golden colors of the surrounding mountain region, the design team used a corrugated wall profile in conjunction with Steelscape’s Sedona Rust. This printed rust pattern was used rather than using a true weathered product, which would continue to deteriorate in performance–alleviating the headache of ongoing maintenance by school administrators. Sedona Rust provides the same warm, oxidized glow but is supported by the peace of mind of a complete paint warranty.

Architect: Hord Coplan Macht
Builder: Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP)

Mother Neff State Park - Vintage by Steelscape

This new, limestone visitor center formed the centerpiece of the re-opening of Mother Neff State park following extensive upgrades in 2015. The design team chose the classic color and depth of Steelscape’s Vintage® to complement the mixed metal and stone facade. Designed to match existing historic structures within Texas’ oldest state park, Vintage’s ageless hue integrates the clean lines of modern roofing design with the unique texture of authentic stone.

Roofer: Port Enterprises and Roofcrafters

The expansive Central Pierce Fire and Rescue Station is designed to house one fire engine and one paramedic unit including crew living and support areas. Finishes were selected and designed based on sustainability, durability and integration into a broader mill concept. Steelscape’s Burnt Rust print in a corrugated profile was selected to add a warm, contrasting hue to other metal wall products while also integrating with wood accents.

Architect: RiceFregusMiller and TCA Architecture Planning
Contractor: SCF General Contractors Inc.

This 29,000 square foot preforming arts hub was designed to set the bar for modern student resources. This expansive facility includes a 500-seat performance theatre, a 100-seat black box theatre, classrooms and more.
Winner of the 2018 42nd Annual Orchids & Onions Architectural Award, the charming patina of Steelscape’s Natural Antique Copper was chosen to provide a distinctive gleaming beacon for the school. This color selection also served to enhance integration with the broader pastel hues of this sun-kissed region.

Architect: Harley Ellis Devereaux

Designed for a third generation winemaker, this memorable tasting room serves to cement the families winemaking legacy. Exuding a Tuscan charm, this premium venue creates a rich, memorable experience for visitors to the area.

The warm oxidized glow of Steelscape’s Sedona Rust was selected to provide a graceful roofline that contrasts with the light masonry siding yet perfectly suits the golden tones of the Central Coast wine region.

Architect: Vladimir Milosevic
Contractor: Rarig Construction

This STEM academy delivers an inspiring environment for hands on learning in science and technology. Consisting of the renovation of two existing buildings and the addition of a new structure, the facility provides the benchmark for the school district’s labs and classrooms.

Steelscape’s Vintage® was used in conjunction with a box-ribbed metal wall panel to add texture and complementary shadow lines to this modern structure. Vintage’s classic metallic hue interacts dynamically with natural light and blends exceptionally well with the mixed use of wood and masonry siding products.

Architect: Erickson McGovern
Contractor: Architectural Sheet Metal

Design Insights

Steelscape has developed a series of design insights, outlined below, to detail the versatility of metal and provide inspiration for its application in modern building design.

Standing seam profiles make for an excellent wall siding product. For years, standing seam profiles have been the product of choice for stunning durable metal roofs. These products are chosen widely for their combination of continuous, uninterrupted lines and superior weather-tightness. Unlike other products, the fasteners of standing seam products are concealed, enabling dramatic clean shadows and accent lines, and superior long term performance. These panels are also highly versatile – panel rib spacing, the gap between raised seams, can be varied, enabling greater design freedom.

Use pre-painted metal to elevate multi-family housing appeal. Traditionally multi-family structures reflect large box-type shapes to maximize interior space and occupant comfort. These design restrictions can lead to uninspiring designs with large dull flat surfaces that do not integrate with their surrounding environment. Pre-painted metal forms an excellent siding option to lift structural appeal through color, contrast, and texture.

Interior metal accents offer a distinctive surface texture and a talking point for building users. Traditionally, pre-painted metal has not been used extensively in interior design. Advances in the range of products offered, the surface finishes available and the improvement of metal design resources have expanded the application of metal in interiors.

Building designers and homeowners alike love the visual appeal of rust and weathered metal. The earthy warmth of rust exudes charm, adds to a building’s stature and can improve its integration with its surrounding environment. Iron oxide produces a versatile aesthetic appearance featured in both rustic and modern design. However, by its very nature, rust is an undesirable attribute as it reflects the sustained degradation of performance. Rust can also have unsightly side effects including run-off which can lead to permanent stains in surrounding areas.

Corrugated metal has been used in agricultural applications for hundreds of years, yet it’s still featured heavily in modern building designs. As a highly versatile roof and wall profile, this product integrates exceptionally well with other materials, building styles, and other elements in the built environment. It’s also easy to manipulate in the field for different surface areas. A key advantage of a corrugated profile is that it’s curved, which cast soft shadows. As light hits the ridges throughout different stages of the day, this profile contributes to an evolving and evoking aesthetic appearance.

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