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Pre-Painted Metal Design Toolkit, Trends, and Insights for Metal Roofing and Metal Siding

This toolkit provides you with useful information when designing with Steelscape pre-painted metal.

Pre-Painted Metal Design Toolkit
  • An Introduction to Pre-Painted Metal PDF | RTF
  • An Introduction to Metallic Coating PDF | RTF
  • Steelscape Metallic Coating Summary – ZINCALUME PDF | RTF
  • Steelscape Metallic Coating Summary – Galvalume PDF | RTF
  • ZINCALUME® Steel Technical Bulletins 2018 PDF | RTF
  • Reflectance Technical Bulletin PDF | RTF
  • ReziBond® Technical Bulletin PDF | RTF
  • Pre-Painted Steel Technical Bulletin PDF | RTF
  • TruZinc® Plus Steel Technical Bulletin PDF | RTF
  • Steelscape Sustainability Technical Bulletins 2017 PDF | RTF
  • Regulatory Information Technical Bulletin PDF | RTF

Steelscape has developed a series of design insights, outlined below, to detail the versatility of metal and provide inspiration for its application in modern building design.

Design Insights and Trends

Standing seam profiles make for an excellent wall siding product. For years, standing seam profiles have been the product of choice for stunning durable metal roofs. These products are chosen widely for their combination of continuous, uninterrupted lines and superior weather-tightness. Unlike other products, the fasteners of standing seam products are concealed, enabling dramatic clean shadows and accent lines, and superior long term performance. These panels are also highly versatile – panel rib spacing, the gap between raised seams, can be varied, enabling greater design freedom.

Use pre-painted metal to elevate multi-family housing appeal. Traditionally multi-family structures reflect large box-type shapes to maximize interior space and occupant comfort. These design restrictions can lead to uninspiring designs with large dull flat surfaces that do not integrate with their surrounding environment. Pre-painted metal forms an excellent siding option to lift structural appeal through color, contrast, and texture.

Interior metal accents offer a distinctive surface texture and a talking point for building users. Traditionally, pre-painted metal has not been used extensively in interior design. Advances in the range of products offered, the surface finishes available and the improvement of metal design resources have expanded the application of metal in interiors.

Building designers and homeowners alike love the visual appeal of rust and weathered metal. The earthy warmth of rust exudes charm, adds to a building’s stature and can improve its integration with its surrounding environment. Iron oxide produces a versatile aesthetic appearance featured in both rustic and modern design. However, by its very nature, rust is an undesirable attribute as it reflects the sustained degradation of performance. Rust can also have unsightly side effects including run-off which can lead to permanent stains in surrounding areas.

Corrugated metal has been used in agricultural applications for hundreds of years, yet it’s still featured heavily in modern building designs. As a highly versatile roof and wall profile, this product integrates exceptionally well with other materials, building styles, and other elements in the built environment. It’s also easy to manipulate in the field for different surface areas. A key advantage of a corrugated profile is that it’s curved, which cast soft shadows. As light hits the ridges throughout different stages of the day, this profile contributes to an evolving and evoking aesthetic appearance.

Designscape live is a multipart series covering important painted metal topics in brief video segments.   The series addresses a range of issues including paint systems, enhancement options, failures and warranty coverage. Subscribe to the Steelscape YouTube channel to stay up to date with the latest series updates.

Designscape Live: Educational Videos

Episode 2 explores how paint is applied to metal and why the pre-painting process creates a consistent, long-lasting product.

Episode 3 explores the important paint and finish layers that makes metal roof and walls durable and beautiful.

Episode 4 explores the importance of color as well as the differences between the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), Gloss, and Light Reflectance Value (LRV).

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