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Our Production Capabilities

Process Steel

Hot Rolled Processing

Pickle Line and Cold Rolling Mill

Metallic Coat Steel

Metallic Coating Lines

Hot Dipped Galvanized and ZINCALUME® Application

Paint Metal

Paint Lines

Two advanced, highly capable paint lines

Add Value

End Processing

Cut To Length, Slitting and Embossing lines

Steelscape has extensive production and coating capabilities located in Kalama, Washington and Rancho Cucamonga, California. Computer controlled production processes managed by a committed workforce ensures that Steelscape delivers high quality products to customer specifications at competitive lead times.

In-house production capabilities include pickling, cold rolling, metallic coating and painting. This enables an array of value transformation services to be delivered to customers all on a convenient single bill. Key production capabilities include:

Pickling – This includes a series of acid baths to ensure the proper surface for galvanizing and trimming to specified final width.

Cold Rolling –This reduces the thickness of the steel to the customer’s specifications by passing steel through a series of rollers. Steelscape’s reversing cold rolling mill employs closed-loop computerized quality control gauges, a unique feature for reversing mills, that ensures precise tolerances for exacting customer requirements.

Metallic-Coating – The steel substrate is coated with a protective, proven combination of metals that provides effective corrosion resistance. At Steelscape, the protective metallic coatings include TruZinc® (galvanized) and ZINCALUME® (Galvalume®).

Painting – Steelscape’s facilities are equipped to supply a range of quality paint systems, providing vibrant color and long-lasting performance.

  • Steelscape Service Offer Manual PDF | RTF
  • Steelscape Toll Offer Manual PDF | RTF

Steelscape strives to be the partner of choice for discerning customers requiring quality steel and aluminum products.  To enhance the value and convenience delivered to customers, Steelscape offers an array of value add processes. Key processes include slitting, embossing, and cut-to-length capabilities.

Slitting – Steelscape has two slitter lines that are capable of reducing steel width to customer specifications and can slit steel ranging from .008” to .074” thick into multiples as narrow as 1” and as wide as 52”.

Embossing – Steelscape offers a stucco-style embossed pattern that is used to add texture and depth for a range of applications including architectural wall and cold storage products. Embossing capabilities enables steel and aluminum products to be processed at a range of thickness and depths depending on customer specification.

Cut to Length – Steelscape’s cut-to-length capabilities are engineered to meet specific end user needs. Precise production capabilities ensures that Steelscape can meet exacting material parameters in sheet lengths up to 150 inches.

  • Steelscape Service Offer Manual PDF | RTF
  • Steelscape Toll Offer Manual PDF | RTF

Toll processing reflects Steelscape’s ability to paint material sourced by customers. Steelscape has been the industry leader in coil coating for decades and can provide a color or finish of unmatched quality. Having developed extensive partnerships with various coatings suppliers, Steelscape offers innovative design and finish options, ideal for metal roofs and walls.

Steelscape’s two full service paint lines are strategically located to be accessible by both rail, truck and ship, enabling Steelscape to effectively service all your toll-processing needs.

  • Steelscape Service Offer Manual PDF | RTF
  • Steelscape Toll Offer Manual PDF | RTF

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